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What's New in Focal Fossa Ubuntu 20.04 LTS?
Ubuntu 20.04 LTS is available for download. Find out some of the major security and performance improvements from this new distribution, including the introduction of WireGuard VPN, upgraded suite of software packages, faster boot time, etc.
What's New in GNU Bash 5?
Bash version 5 is generally available and comes with some important improvements and new features like BASH_ARGV0, EPOCHSECONDS, and EPOCHREALTIME.
Top 5 Machine Learning and Self-Healing Techniques used by SRE
Applying Machine Learning and Self-Healing techniques to the day operations of a production system has become common practices for most SREs. This post cover some real production use cases like automated failover, forecasting, anomalies detection, risk classification and so on.
Adobe Advertising Cloud: The Reality of Cloud Bursting with OpenStack
Presentation at the Openstack Summit on how Adobe Advertising Cloud, formerly TubeMogul, leverage cloud bursting with OpenStack to scale a large-scale infrastructure.
USENIX LISA15: How TubeMogul Handles over One Trillion HTTP Requests a Month
Presentation at the USENIX LISA'15 conference on how TubeMogul handles over one trillion http requests a month.
Getting Ready For The Leap Second
A new leap second will be introduced on June 30th, 2015. This post cover what is the leap second, how the same event crashed most of this internet in 2012, and how you can be ready for it to prevent any outage.