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Files and directories user permissions on Windows XP
Shell Tips
January 18, 2007 | COMMENTS

You may have some troubles while using a network share on windows because of access restriction errors. Don’t panic, just use CACLS on windows XP.

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LINUX : How to reload or change your current shell ?
Shell Tips
January 10, 2007 | COMMENTS

If you have change your rc file of your favorites bash (like ~/.bashrc in "bash"), you can reload it easly by using "exec". Just type the following command line :

nicolas@grimm:~/$ exec bash

Exec replace the current process image with a new process image . So, now if you add aliases in your ~/.bash_aliases, just use "exec bash" and you could use your aliases in your current terminal. This way is also useful if you want to change your current shell without spawn another process. I mean, if you have a box where your login shell is a classical "sh", you can also do an "exec bash", that will replace your current shell by a friendly one.

Update: You can also use exec $SHELL which would be compatible with all your shells, though be aware your active shell may not be the same.

Fine tuning a Linux Apache MySQL PHP (LAMP) server
Case Study
November 25, 2006 | COMMENTS

I started to write this post many weeks ago and finally publish it even if it’s not totally finish. It is just a little feedback about tuning a full LAMP server with some user traffic and services load. Important thing to notice is that all stuff in this post is NOT THE SOLUTION. You will probably have to tune little more for adapt all this to your personal server usage, server load, development & architecture. So, use those tips as a kind of inspiration instead of an "how to". Don’t forget that when you do such tuning, take care to keep a backup of your previous configuration files.

We will try to tune the following server :

  • Current OS : Debian GNU Linux Kernel 2.4.32 ipv4 + GRSEC
  • 1Go RAM DDR
  • Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 2.66GHz
  • SWAP 512Mo
  • 3Go on / and 226Go on /home
  • Running services are Qmail, Bind9, mrtg, Apache 2.2.2, PHP 5.1.4, MySQL 5.0.21
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Determine which Windows OS version is running
Shell Tips
November 24, 2006 | COMMENTS

Many DOS commands in the 32-bit versions of Windows are similar but support different parameters, different commands or using different registry key name. Thus, if you wish to write a batch file that can run on different types of machines, it may prove beneficial to determine the version of Windows on which the batch file is running. This way the batch file can execute commands appropriate to the operating system.

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CLI workaround for Windows XP : Doing a pause in a batch script
Shell Tips
November 7, 2006 | COMMENTS

In our list of "CLI workaround for Windows XP", a missing command is SLEEP or WAIT. For fixing this I suggest you two solution, first is simply a batch workaround using PING command, the second solution use the Windows Server 2003 Ressource Kit tools.

With PING you can produce a fixed delay by testing the loopback address. This can be really usefull if you don’t want (or if you can’t) install extra software.

# Doing an approximative pause of 60 seconds

PING -n 61>nul

Second way is to install the [Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit tools][1] from You will get a SLEEP.exe that will do all the requested stuff.

# Doing a pause of 60 seconds


Enjoy. 😉

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