Debug PHP code with PHP 5.6 and phpdbg
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September 13, 2014 | COMMENTS

PHP 5.6.0 has been released last month by the PHP Development Team. This new version includes some major changes and many improvements. See the release note.

phpdbg, Interactive PHP debugger

Main features added:

  • Constant scalar expressions.
  • Variadic functions and argument unpacking using the ... operator.
  • Exponentiation using the ** operator.
  • Function and constant importing with the use keyword.
  • phpdbg as an interactive integrated debugger SAPI.
  • php://input is now reusable, and $HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA is deprecated.
  • GMP objects now support operator overloading.
  • File uploads larger than 2 gigabytes in size are now accepted.

You can find the complete features list on the PHP Website.

One of the new features is the integrated phpdbg debugger which provides an interactive environment to debug your PHP code. phpdbg is implemented and distributed as an SAPI module. The phpdbg website has some good documentation, I recommend the Getting started with phpdbg section. This is not a replacement for XDebug.

Let's cover how to get started with PHP 5.6.0 and phpdbg on Mac OS X.

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Markdown is dead. Long live Markdown!
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September 7, 2014 | COMMENTS

If you haven't been away of the internet for the past few years or if you are an occasional blogger, you must have heard about Markdown. It is a plain text format for writing structured documents. It has been developed in 2004 by John Gruber and widely adopted since then. The problem? A quite ambiguous syntax specification leading to many different implementations.

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Graphing Java JMX Object values with Ganglia and Python using JPype
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May 31, 2010 | COMMENTS

With Ganglia, graphing a large number of servers has never been so easy... Ganglia is a scalable distributed monitoring system for high-performance computing systems such as clusters and Grids. Ganglia let you create any kind of module in C/C++ or Python. You can also use the command line tool Gmetric and then the scripting language of your choice. The problem with Gmetrics is that you can’t keep your data organized by group and it’s getting harder to poll values in an efficient way. Few months ago I needed to monitor some JMX values returned by a Java daemon.

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Flash - How to fix the "Security sandbox violation: BitmapData.draw"
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August 30, 2009 | COMMENTS

The "Security sandbox violation" message is a common problem for any Flash developer who try to do a Snapshot of an RTMP Stream. There was a couple of workaround but they stopped working since Flash Player 9.0.115 as it was considered as a possible bug. So, now how to do a proper snapshot of an RTMP stream ? The answer is simple but you’ll need to have the control on the streaming server, whatever it is FMS or Red5.

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JETM - The easy way to monitor your Spring Application
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June 8, 2009 | COMMENTS

JETM stand for Java™ Execution Time Measurement Library, it’s an useful library to monitor your java application in a smart and easy way. Here is an overview on how to use JETM with a Spring application like in Red5.

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