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What is the Best Way to Count Files in a Directory?
Learn how to count the number of files in a directory using the Linux command line ls, find, and a native bash shell solution with globs and arrays.
What's New in Focal Fossa Ubuntu 20.04 LTS?
Ubuntu 20.04 LTS is available for download. Find out some of the major security and performance improvements from this new distribution, including the introduction of WireGuard VPN, upgraded suite of software packages, faster boot time, etc.
How To Script Error Free Bash If Statement?
Learn how to script a Bash If statement with the then, else, and else if / elif clauses. Includes Bash conditional expressions and common pitfalls to avoid.
5 Mistakes To Avoid For Writing High-Quality Bash Comments
Adding comments in your Bash scripts is necessary to ensure maintainability over time. This post covers 5 Bash comments mistakes to avoid in your shell scripts.
How To Format Date and Time in Linux, macOS, and Bash?
This guide covers how to format date and time in Linux, Mac, and the Bash shell. Includes how to do date shell operations like adding days or comparing dates.
How to Parse a CSV File in Bash?
Learn how to parse a CSV file in Bash and avoid the common pitfalls. Includes examples using bash builtins and the awk command line.